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Phone & tablet repairs

Phone and tablet repairs using quality parts along with competitive prices.
  • LCD replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Power jack repair
  • Back cover replacement
  • Camera, mic & speaker replacement
Phone and tablets service
Επισκευές κινητών & tablet
Pc repair
Επισκευή Υπολογιστή

PC repairs

Computer repairs, either its a desktop, laptop or Mac device.
  • Motherboard and GPU repairs
  • Water damage
  • Power supply repairs
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop keyboards replacement

Computer upgrades

Upgrade your old computer adding more RAM, SSD storage or even CPU. Update your software for enhanced security and greater performance.
  • RAM upgrades
  • HDD upgrade to SSD/NVRAM storage
  • GPU upgrade
cpu image
Εικόνα επεξεργαστή
Εγκατάσταση και ρύθμιση προγραμμάτων
Software installation

Software installation

Keep your compuer/phone/tablet updated for better security and performace. We examine your needs and upgrade accordingly.
  • PC format
  • Office suite installation and setup
  • Antivirus software and setup
  • Backup & restore data

Networking solutions

We plan and build you home or office network, bothe cable and wireless for better performance to cover all your needs. We check for optimal performance and security.
  • Cabling
  • Routers, modems, access points installation
  • Network performance check
  • WiFi channels setup
  • Modem modifications, ports configuraiton, ddns, dns, vpn, etc.
network cables image
Εγκατάσταση ενσύρματων & ασύρματων δικτύων
Pc system check
Systems integrity check

Systems integrity check

We check your pc to run smoothly and secure to prevent data loss and lags. We inspect for internal dirt, dust, etc and procide cleaning solutions.
  • Check for optimal performance
  • Check system security
  • Internal cleaning service
  • Run benchmarks & tests to check hardware performance

Parts and Accessories

On our store you can find and buy parts and accessories for your devices, both phone and tablet.

Frequently asked questions

Here you may find answers on most common questions we get from you. Don't hesitate to contact us for any other info.

1. How many days for a typical repair?

A typical perair takes normaly 1 day. You can bring your device in our store and we check & diagnose it for FREE. We let you know the time and cost for the repair asap.

2. Is there any guarantee after the repair?

We provide a 6 month warranty on batteries.

3. Will i loose content from my device?

In case of battery and LCD/Digitizer replacement, no. However on cases like restoring a device, factory reset, yes.

4. Do i have to make an appointment?

No, you can just drop by our store on working hrs.

5. Do you fix water damage devices?

Yes, but we don't provide and warranty after the repair.

Phone repair

How we work

Our mission is customer satisfaction. Our support continuous even after the repair in order to maintain a customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • 1


    We estimate the cost & duration of the repair.

  • 2


    We collect the product or you hand it to us.

  • 3


    We service your device and we keep in touch for any further info needed.

  • 4


    We return your serviced product and check its optimal functionality with you.

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Contact us

Feel free to contact us and we get back to you as soon as possible!